Beach Haven


Welcome to Beach Haven, a tourist town where everyone finds love and no one stays a stranger for long. Each book in this series tells its own tale of romance with a different cast of characters, although a few favorites may stroll through each other’s stories from time to time.

Her House Divided (Beach Haven #1)


Two hearts. One house.

Tara Bartlett is out of options. After losing everything in the wake of a devastating car accident, she has no idea how she’s ever going to be able to make a fresh start. Fortune strikes when she inherits fifty percent of a beach house on the shores of Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, she has to share that home with the complete stranger who inherited the other fifty percent.

After his bitter divorce, Ethan Davis was left feeling like he could never trust another woman, especially not a woman like Tara, who’d somehow managed to work her way into his grandmother’s will. He may have to share the house with her, but that doesn’t mean he’s willing to share anything more.

When a greedy developer wants to steal their beach house right out from under them, they must join together in the fight to save their home, but can they also fight the the attraction they feel for one another?

Also  available in paperback.

His Heart Aflame (Beach Haven #2)


Firefighter Sean Jackson is at a crossroads in his career when he meets a mysterious blonde with a secret identity. He has to make some tough choices, and his sudden desire for Maggie Reynolds only complicates things further.

Maggie Reynolds is on the run and looking for a place to hide after leaving her fiance at the altar on live TV. When she rolls into the sleepy town on Beach Haven in her stolen car, she thinks she’s found the perfect hideaway, but there’s no hiding from her intense feelings for the handsome firefighter.

Sean’s life spins dangerously out of control as their passion ignites, and they find themselves caught up in a maze of lies and manipulation. Will they be able to find their way to the truth, or will they fall victim to the deranged arsonist terrorizing their small town?

Also  available in paperback.

Their Love Rekindled (Beach Haven #3)


Everyone in Beach Haven thought Aaron and Cassie were the perfect couple. Right up until the day Cassie eloped with Aaron’s best friend, that is.

Now, ten years later, Cassie is a widow, and Aaron is asked to come home and speak at a memorial in her late husband’s honor. He’s got to find a way past his anger and hurt to forgive his old friend and his former lover, but he doesn’t expect to find that his feelings for Cassie are stronger than ever.

Cassie never expected to see Aaron again, especially since he’s made a life for himself in Texas all these years. She’s got no choice but to keep her distance from him because she knows he’ll never be able to forgive her if he ever finds out the truth she’s been hiding from him. But how can she keep her distance when just seeing him brings back all of the old memories of what they once shared?

Love’s Little List


Melissa has been living in a fog since her divorce, and she is dreading the lonely summer alone when her children leave to spend an entire month with her ex-husband. But when his friend Dan steps in and convinces her to make up a to-do list of new things to try together during the long and lonely month, she realizes that it is time to to take control of her own life once more. As their friendship blooms into something more, Melissa has to decide if she’s ready to trust her heart and take a chance on falling in love again.

This is an 18,000-word novella set in the little town of Beach Haven. It’s a bit of a prequel to my Beach Haven series that takes place before the magic begins in Her House Divided.


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