Three Words I Really Hate

You wanna know what really grinds my gears?

Having to admit that I was wrong.

Come on, let’s face it. I have a temper, I’m impulsive, and I’m a mom.  That’s a combination that just begs for a lot of mistakes and a lot of apologizing.  I leap into Mama Bear mode at the drop of a hat and then end up crawling back mumbling those most hated of words:  I was wrong.

But yesterday’s mistake was a biggie.  Huge. Yesterday’s mistake may go down in history as one of the biggest goofs ever made by a mom leaping into Mama Bear mode far too soon and much too enthusiastically.  And that’s saying a lot, considering the fact that I once told another mom I had a set of anal beads at home that hadn’t been as far up my ass as she was at that precise moment.

Let me give a little bit of setup here.  My oldest child, The Princess, is a self-assured, compassionate, socially skilled young woman.  My middle child, The Dark Prince, is the kind of kid who hides his warm heart and generous soul beneath an I-Don’t-Care/King Of Apathy exterior that fools very few people. But my youngest child, my Little Man, is my Sweet Baby.  He is a timid little soul who feels everything. He is led by his emotions, which means that his feelings are hurt very easily. And when he looks up with those big blue eyes and serious little face, he could bring out protective, maternal instincts in Attila the Hun.


In short, I have no resistance to this child.

Monday night, my Little Man had a meltdown in my arms when he confessed to me that he had accidentally thrown away his gloves. He was devastated; he picked them out at the store with his Daddy, and they were his favorites.  According to his story, he had thrown away his trash after eating breakfast at school and only realized later that his gloves had gone into the garbage can with the trash.  Sad, but perfectly believable, right?  These little guys go directly to the cafeteria when they arrive in the morning, and anyone could make a mistake while trying to juggle coats, hats, gloves, backpacks, etc.

I’ll admit, my Mommy Radar started tingling. The story seemed pretty detailed, and I am a strong believer in the KISS rule (Keep It Simple, Stupid) that says the more detailed a story is, the higher the probability it’s a lie. Had it been The Princess telling me this story, she would have been covering up a genuine accidental loss of gloves.  The Dark Prince would have been lying to cover up the fact that he gave his gloves away to someone who needed them. But Little Man . . . well, he doesn’t usually cover anything up.  He just falls apart and blurts the truth, so I didn’t listen to the Mommy Radar.

My ex-husband dropped of an extra pair of gloves on his way to work the next morning, so all seemed right in our world.  Until I picked up my son after school and learned that the second pair of gloves had gone AWOL.  I had a long and serious one-on-one conversation with his teacher at that point, and we both agreed that something seemed fishy.  Someone was messing with my boy’s belongings, and that’s not okay.

Little Man headed off for school the next day with yet another pair of spare gloves from his father’s house (big sister’s purple gloves, which prompted a hearty “Oh, gawd, mother!” from him). When I picked him up at the end of the day, the teacher had her arm around him and he was crying.  The purple gloves, it seemed, had survived the day, but his prized Batman hat had not.  Worse, it turned out that another little boy had hit my baby near the end of the day.  The other boy swore it was an accident, but the elbow to the gut hurt enough to make Little Man cry.


Two pair of gloves, a hat, and a blow to the tummy, all in one week?

Suffice it to say that I came unglued.

I made an absolute spectacle of myself, right there in the cafeteria.  The poor teacher was almost in tears herself, and this is a woman who has been teaching a long time. She’s no sensitive little novice who is easily intimidated by an angry Mama Bear, but I think I may have frightened her.  She assured me that the other boy’s parents had been contacted about the “incident” and that every single backpack, pocket, desk and cubby had been searched from top to bottom in search of the missing gloves and Batman hat.

“This ends now,” I fumed. “Something has got to take place here.”

“It will,” she promised.

I held my sobbing little boy and let him cry it out, right there in the cafeteria.  Then we went home and had a little treat, followed by a busy evening at the school science fair and his big brother’s band concert.  Throughout it all, my brave little soldier kept his chin up and didn’t shed another tear over the missing hat.  His dad and I were careful to give him lots of extra attention and praise all evening.

Finally, I tucked him into bed, turned out the light, and went out to pick up the living room a bit.  I put away toys, folded some laundry, picked up the afghans to drape them across the back of the couch where they belong.

And found the Batman hat.

He never wore it to school yesterday.

I am an ass.

So now, I have to apologize to the teacher and admit that I made a mistake.  I was wrong.  Sure, the two pairs of gloves are still gone, and he still got a pretty rough elbow to the tummy, but no one stole his Batman hat.  And if I hadn’t been so pissed-off about the missing gloves or the other boy hitting my Little Man, I would have remembered that he left the house without a hat that morning because it was school picture day and he didn’t want to mess up his hair.

“Mom, you screwed up!”

I’d love to just send the child to school in a different hat for the rest of the school year and pretend that my meltdown didn’t happen.  Believe me, I am tempted. But this is one of those “teachable moments” that I despise.  I’ve got to teach him that it’s never good to jump to conclusions and overreact to situations, and I’ve got to teach him the importance of being able to say those three god-awful words:  I was wrong.

Right now, there are three other words running through my brain:  Mama needs chocolate.


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Author: A.J. Goode

I am a romance novelist, single mother of three, and a high school lunchlady. To be completely honest, I have no idea which of those jobs is the most rewarding and which is the biggest challenge. I love them all. I write romance novels about the kind of people who might pass me on the street every day. My characters are often hurting in some way, and need to learn to trust others in order to heal themselves. I also blog about trying to focus on writing, and about my day-to-day experiences in small-town America. I write about life. The good, the bad, and the just plain odd.

14 thoughts on “Three Words I Really Hate”

  1. First of all. could your son be any cuter, ad I typically hate that word. Secondly, I applaud your decision to fess up that you were wrong about the hat, but don’t drop the issue of he gloves and the elbow. I wish more parents would use that phrase. Dealing with parents of much older students, I seldom ever hear the parents or their students admit they are wrong. And I know they are, because I certainly am not! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Marty. We’re all sort of sitting back and watching what happens next. Apparently, there is also a very pretty little new girl in class who is somehow involved, which puts this on a whole new level.

      Right now, I’m trying to help my baby learn about forgiveness and letting go while still protecting himself. Which is a rough lesson, since I haven’t figured out how to do that yet!


  2. Oh jeez!!! I still want to know what happened to the two pairs of gloves though because it does sound like something’s up. Also, his little face? So adorable. I’d believe anything he said too. And yeah, that mama bear thing- it can take us over huh? Thanks so much for linking this to Finish the Sentence Friday!


    1. I still want to know, too! Maybe he really DID throw the one pair away and lost the other on the playground, but . . . Not both in a week. Still suspicious here.

      Thanks for letting me be a part of FTSF!


  3. Even though I’m not a mother, and can’t compare to the feeling of having my child mistreated, I’ve always find it hard to admit when I’m wrong. But as years pass by, I’ve come to realize that it only makes you a better person to admit when your wrong and learn from those instances.

    Blessings to you and your family!


  4. Noooooooooo. Oh man this is tough. It is also something that SO could have happened to me. Ouch. But yes you have to swallow that pride and go back in and apologise. However, take heart. If she’s a seasoned teacher she’s bound to have seen something similar or if not, she’ll accept your apology with grace.
    But where are the damn gloves?


    1. Still no clue on the gloves. If it was just one pair, I might believe his story, but I just don’t buy that he lost two pair in one week. And yes, the teacher was fantastic about everything. We’re so very lucky to be a part of this school system.


  5. Oh tell me about it, A.J….phew!
    My preteen coming up with such issues that I am suddenly realizing how much deep breathing I have been doing, lately.

    btw..I liked the way you tackled it 🙂


  6. Yep, I’ve had some epic meltdowns that I had to walk back. Good that you are going to talk to the teacher again. It sounds like she really cares for your boy, and will be appreciative of your support and respects for her. Thanks for linking up this week to FTSF!!!!


    1. Thank you. She’s a great teacher who taught fifth grade when my older two were going through the same school, so she knows my family pretty well. She was very gracious about the hat and my mistake, but is also keeping a close watch to see what else might disappear.

      Thanks for letting me be a part of FTSF!


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