For your sake

I hope it’s always six a.m. in heaven

So you can walk the marina at dawn

When the only sound is the clink-clank of ropes against the masts

As boats shudder with each teasing touch of an easy current.

Or maybe it’s sunset

So you can sit on the porch with your iced tea

And drink in the crimson sparkle of a million diamonds

Glistening, disappearing with the sun

Drowning for you night after night

So darkness can urge the old foghorn to moan its ecstasy

Across the waves.

No, I hope it’s sunny and autumn in your heaven

When crisp leaves crunch underfoot

And you hug yourself against nature’s exhalations

While whistling through acorn caps

Just the way you taught us.

I hope angels have a sense of humor

Laughing in snorts and gasps

Wheezing and swiping at tears

Clutching their bellies and gasping, no more!

If I can believe you are laughing with them

Full of joy even now

Perhaps I won’t miss you as much.


This is a re-do of an older poem of mine.  It’s something I’ve been tinkering with, trying to say the same thing in a more mature and stronger way.  I think I like it better this way but I’ll welcome any input.  All comments are always welcome on my blog.  

Author: A.J. Goode

I am a romance novelist, single mother of three, and a high school lunchlady. To be completely honest, I have no idea which of those jobs is the most rewarding and which is the biggest challenge. I love them all. I write romance novels about the kind of people who might pass me on the street every day. My characters are often hurting in some way, and need to learn to trust others in order to heal themselves. I also blog about trying to focus on writing, and about my day-to-day experiences in small-town America. I write about life. The good, the bad, and the just plain odd.

8 thoughts on “Heaven”

  1. First I would like to note that the only reason I went to Jessica F blog again was because a poster on KDP stated it was a good blog. I want to start a blog and often I visit other blogs for information and ideas. Based on his statement, I was under the impression she had matured past the whining, name calling, and delusions that she was being bullied– I was wrong. However, on the days I am bored I do go to her site for good laugh. I don’t watch reality television but now I see why some people watch such drivel—for the absurdity of it. Yes, her blog is absurd and trite. I don’t visit often because unlike this poor soul, I actually have a life and have better things to do on a Friday and Saturday night.

    But I am very happy for her blog because it led me to this one. A.J, this is a wonderful blog!! Bravo to you my dear. Bravo!

    After reading her hateful comments I wanted to respond but Diva is correct , starving the trolls is the best thing. You are handling this with a level of class that is absolutely wonderful.

    I love your poem 🙂


  2. I’ve been stopping by daily and am desperately trying to respect your wishes re: certain posts. Having said that, I still wanted you to know that although I am not posting – I am here should you need me.
    Beautiful poem.


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