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Welcome to Ajgoode.com, where few subjects are off-limits and my filters are usually out of order.

To find out more about my romance novels, please visit my pages for Beach Haven or Brides of Serenity. For my humor collections, go to my Goode for a Laugh page. And if you’d like to check out my blog, I try to post something new every week or so.

12 thoughts on “A.J. Goode”

  1. I live in Fairplain ,MI. now but I used to live in a little town near South Haven,named Lakota. It had a two room school that went up to eighth grade . Once you graduated from eighth grade you had to take the bus to South Haven to finish your public school education. As a result I am very familiar with the South Haven area.


    1. I know Lacota very well! As newlyeds, my ex-husband and I spent a lot of our free time with friends in Lacota. Blueberry farmers, of course.

      I hope you recognize a little something of South Haven in my books. My newest project (due in March) even has a character reminiscing about the old white lighthouse on the North Pier!

      Thanks for commenting. Always nice to hear from a fellow Michigander. 🙂

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    1. I am so honored! Thank you very much. I have to say that I find your blog very inspiring as well. You always seem to have something positive, something uplifting to say, and you’ve definitely helped turn my day around on more than one occasion.

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      1. Thank YOU for your beautiful words! I am happy to know that and please keep visiting my blog! I really enjoy yours, your experiences in Book writing are wonderful lessons for me as well! Thank you!

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  2. I just saw your announcement of the preorder availability for “Their Love Rekindled.” I just had to tell you that I grew up in Beach Haven–however, my Beach Haven is in New Jersey and is on an island (Long Beach Island) at the Jersey Shore.


    1. Really? I didn’t realize it was a real town, although I guess I should have done my research! 🙂 My Beach Haven is based on the town of South Haven, Michigan, with a little bit of Bloomingdale thrown in for good measure. Two of my favorite places in the world — I wanted the touristy feeling of South Haven, and the small-town community feeling of Bloomingdale.

      Thanks for commenting. I hope my little town does justice to the real Beach Haven!

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  3. My husband grew up in South Haven and has taken me there a few times. As I was reading these books I was so reminded of South Haven that I just had to find out. The lighthouse confirmed it when I showed it to him.


    1. Thank you so much for commenting! Yes, my little town of Beach Haven is based on South Haven, where I spent every summer of my childhood. I now live in a small town nearby, but I work in South Haven in the summer. The picture was taken by a friend and used with her permission.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the books!

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  4. The only people who are allowed to comment on AJ Goode’s blog are those who worship the grounds she walks on. She doesn’t approve comments made by people who think she writes shitty books but she will screen shot and post people’s bad reviews about her on Twitter for attention, lol.

    What goes around comes around. It’s funny how you think you can troll and slander people yet when it gets done back to you you have the audacity to act like the victim.

    You really are a pathetic piece of shit not worth my time to respond to.


    1. Actually, I approve *most* comments left on my blog, as long as they are respectful and somewhat articulate. I have chosen not to approve your other 117 comments because they are neither.

      117 comments. 117 of them that have gone directly into the file I am compiling for my attorney.

      Have a nice day, whackadoodle.

      Oh, and just curious here …. if I am truly not worth your time, why do you keep wasting your time trying to annoy me?


  5. I think you are a wonderful person and never stop writing your hilarious books. Your stories are so funny and I know for sure, that I can relate to your spot on descriptions about menopause and hot flashes. Just an F Y I lol. I’m in my 12 th year of hot flashes. Wish it were only five years lol.
    Again, Amy. Never stop writing.
    Debi Canary


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